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All participants are requested to complete this Registration Form. On-site registration is also available.

Registration forms:
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The due date for ICRQE2021 registration is Aug 31, 2021.
Payment is by credit card only.
After we accept your registration, you will receive a billing email from our partner bank, please follow the instructions in the email.
If you prefer other than credit card, please let us know.

Registration Fees:

To submit your paper to the journal, you must be a member of the Robust Quality Engineering Society. The fee to join RQES would be 2000yen for initiation, 12000yen for the annual membership fee. There is good news for you. If you are interested in submitting your paper to the RQES journal, we decided 20000yen you paid to participate in ICRQE2021 will cover the initiation fee and annual fee for one year. The same will apply to students. So there is no additional cost to you to have a right to submit your paper. But to have this privilege, you must contact us and let us know or send an e-mail to by August 31, 2021.


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